“The strengthening of these rights in our Constitution through a referendum will mean the right to housing can become part of the long-term solution to the housing crisis we see today” explains Deputy Pringle, Independent for Donegal.
“Last year I brought forward a Bill to strengthen these rights but the previous Government voted it down. Since then the housing crisis has worsened to three families being made homeless every day with a total of nearly 6,000 people currently homeless in Ireland.”
“It’s time we take a rights-based approach to the housing and homelessness in the new Dáil by supporting economic, social and cultural rights. If we have truly entered an era of new politics then I expect cross party support for my Private Members’ Bill on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights which I’ll be reintroducing into the Dáil shortly”.  
“The problem is that the right to housing is often misinterpreted as meaning the right to a key to a home for all. It really means the State in its decisions and policies must reasonably protect this right and recognise that a home is central to the dignity and potential of every person.” 
 “I would also urge the new Government not to delay on the findings of the 8Th Constitutional Report on ESC Rights which states that a large majority of 85% of the members favoured changes to the Constitution in order to strengthen the protection of ESC rights. This right is also recognised in 81 constitutions around the world so it’s time we acted on this.”
“I look forward to working with the new Minister for Housing Simon Coveney and his publication of both short term and long term solutions in the days to come,” concludes Pringle.

Thomas Pringle TD