Ireland made history on the 22 May 2015 with the Yes Equality approved by 62% of voters at a referendum with a turnout of 61%. The Thirty-fourth Amendment of the Constitution permits now marriage to be contracted by two persons without distinction as to their sex. This was the first time that a state legalised same-sex marriage through a popular vote.

The 1st March 2017 was again a historic day for Ireland. After decades of campaigning by Travellers and allies, activists and human rights organisations, there finally came the moment when the Irish State recognised that Travellers are a minority ethnic group. The excitement on that day was palpable. The intense emotion and pride of that moment when the Taoiseach made his address is something many in the LGBTQ community related to.

Now Ireland is invited to make history again… let say in 2019! Will you join the campaigners of the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Initiative and call on the Government to respond to the citizens vote of the Constitutional Convention of 2014? In February 2014, the recommendations of the 8th Constitutional Convention Report on Economic Social and Cultural Rights recommended by 85% support votes that the Constitution be amended to strengthen the protection of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. If the Government doesn’t respect the decision of the body it created, let’s be active citizens together and make it happen in a democratic way.

Join the ESC Rights Initiative and let’s prepare together the Yes Solidarity referendum!